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Unless you’ve been out of the country for the last 12 months or so, you couldn’t have failed to hear about “HS2”, the high speed rail link connecting the north of England to the South. HS2 will initially run between Birmingham and Land and will later, subject to further Government approval, extend to Leeds and Manchester.

There has of course been extreme opposition from residents of areas through which the new railway line will pass since they perceive that it will seriously affect the quality of life for those in rural areas, will disturb the peace and consequently have a negative impact on property values. The main objectors are in areas which already have good transport links to London and so would not gain any benefit from the scheme.

Should Buyers and Conveyancers Be Concerned About HS2?

The work on HS2 will take more than 10 years to complete and so some areas that will eventually be affected may not see any signs of disturbance for a number of years. A purchaser who is ill informed therefore could find himself buying a property along the route only to find that the character of the area is drastically altered once work begins and the line begins to operate. As the information as to the route is in the public domain there is no obligation on a seller to disclose the fact that the property may be affected voluntarily.

Although clients can find information on the route for themselves, it would be remiss of conveyancers not to bring to a client’s attention the fact that a property they are intending to buy is on the planned route of HS2 and it could even be negligent. As a minimum the client should be advised to make his own enquiries.

Where Can I Get More Information About HS2?

Anyone looking to find out whether a property is on or near the proposed route of HS2 can use the dedicated section of the Department for Transport website, http://highspeedrail.dft.gov.uk/. As well as showing the route, it is also possible to carry out a postcode search.

Alternatively, for more in depth information, some of the major search providers are offering a dedicated HS2 search. The providers should be contacted for more details.

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