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Document Ordering Services

Whether you are a lawyer carrying conveyancing as part of your business or a DIY conveyancer, our services can help by giving you the tools you need to successfully complete your conveyancing transaction.

Beginning with our land registry document ordering tool and free conveyancing information, we aim to provide a number of essential services to conveyancers.

We aim to provide our services at a fair price. Our range of services is expanding so why not bookmark us so you can check in regularly for the latest updates? What follows is a brief summary of the services we offer, with each section providing a link to that service.

Land Registry Document Ordering Service

Using our land registry document ordering service, you can order any document held at Land Registry quickly and easily online. This is because, as a business user, we have a direct link to these documents via the Land Registry Portal service. A typical application by a member of the public direct to Land Registry not having a business account needs to be made in writing and can take a week or more to complete. Using our service, you can have your documents within hours.

There are a number of sites like ours available and because we want your business, we aim to be at least 25% cheaper than our rivals. We do this by reducing overheads, not quality. You will still receive the high quality service you would expect. In fact, with our free conveyancing information section, available to everyone whether or not you place an order, we offer more than most.

Order Land Registry Documents here.

Free Conveyancing Information and Articles

As well as our paid document ordering service, we offer loads of useful free information related to conveyancing specifically, issues surrounding the services we provide such as registration and land registry documents, how to interpret an official copy of the register, understanding boundary issues and what terms like freehold and leasehold mean. This service is available free of charge to all our visitors, irrespective of whether you use our document ordering service.

We regularly update this section of our website so why not bookmark us and then check in for the latest developments? Or contact us to suggest a topic you’d like us to cover and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Local Authority, Drainage, Environmental  & Pre-Exchange Searches

We are currently working on developing the ability to deliver a range of pre-exchange conveyancing searches, essential for the purchase of land or property, and will update the site as soon as this additional service is available.

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