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Welcome to Land-Registry-Documents.co.uk. With our help you can gain access to Land Registry records for any property In England and Wales provided it has been registered with the Land Registry. We can provide any document which the Land Registry holds including the register itself, which provides details of who owns a property and what they paid for it, the title plan which outlines the land boundaries and any other Land Registry document necessary in a conveyancing sale or purchase.

At Land Registry Documents .co.uk we have access to the Land Registry’s Portal service, a service not available to the general public. This means we can access the majority of documents which the Land Registry hold instantly so that we can provide the information you need when you need it.

Why Use Land-Registry-Documents.co.uk?

Land Registry Documents.co.uk is a third party provider of Land Registry documents (we are not part of, or affiliated with, Land Registry). DGPS LLP is a private independent organisation. We obtain our searches with the consent of various Land Registry offices and our own experienced staff to help ensure you obtain the information you need. DGPS LLP are not affiliated with Government or Land Registry offices. We do not sell documents that are available for free from government departments.

As well as saving time when using a third party provider to obtain official copies of the register (as opposed to a Register View) and official copies of other Land Registry documents, you will usually receive the documents in electronic format for ease of delivery to third parties (such as solicitors or buyers). Ok then, using a third party provider of Land Registry documents is quicker and means you get your documents in a convenient format. So why use Land Registry Documents .co.uk?

Well, first and foremost, we aim to be at least 25% cheaper than cheapest rival. In fact we are as much as 50% cheaper than some of our competitors.

If you’re doing your own conveyancing you are probably interested in saving money so this should be reason enough, but in case it isn’t, we happen to be property/conveyancing experts as well, and we are happy to help you with questions you have about the documents you order. Not all our rivals can say that. So, Land Registry Documents .co.uk gives you a superior service at a better price.

Ordering from Land-Registry-Documents.co.uk

We have tried to make our interface as easy to use as possible so you can order your Land Registry documents with the minimum of hassle. On the order page just choose what you want to order, enter the property details and make payment securely via Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account by the way or to provide Land Registry Documents .co.uk with your card details) and wait for your order to arrive by email. It really is that easy, and there are on screen instructions to help you at each stage.

If you do have any questions then you can send us a message using the box on the right. We hope you find Land Registry Documents .co.uk useful and we can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. Don’t forget to read the terms & conditions, they’re mostly common sense but you ought to take a look

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